Book and Lyrics by Laura Lancaster
Music by Micah Joel

Castles (from Drella: A New Musical)

What Would Be The Consequence (from Drella: A New Musical)

The Good Life (from Drella: A New Musical)

Perfect Now (from Drella: A New Musical)

DRELLA is a fairy-tale musical by Laura Lancaster (Book and Lyrics) and Micah Joel (Music). When Drella finds out that her father is still alive, she joins forces with a group of rogue gnomes to free him from the palace dungeon. But getting wrapped up in the gnome resistance is dangerous business, and Drella soon finds herself making enemies with Prince Lorrick, the captain of the Gnome Patrol. Can Drella rescue her father, help her friends, and set the kingdom right?

DRELLA was workshopped at The Musical Theatre Factory as part of their 4x15 Series For New Musicals in April, 2015.