Book and Lyrics by Laura Lancaster
Music by Josh Jung

It's Evan! (from INVISIBLE)

Ready Or Not (from INVISIBLE)

Vanishing Act (from INVISIBLE)

Back Then (from INVISIBLE)

Invisible is a full-length musical by Laura Lancaster (Book and Lyrics) and Josh Jung (Music). Evan is an invisible boy who just wants to be a normal 13-year-old. One day, he runs away from home to find a doctor who he thinks can turn him visible. Having been kept inside his whole life by an over-protective father, he's determined to make friends on his journey, though he has no idea how. Meanwhile, his father is trying to find him, along with a few other people who have a use for an invisible boy. There are a lot of fun ensemble numbers—like when he works in a magic show at the circus, or when he pretends to be God at a church – as well as emotion-driven songs that focus on Evan's internal journey of growing up.

Invisible was developed in the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program (GMTWP) at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and presented as an Equity reading in May 2012.