The Girl in the Game


by Laura Lancaster

"She built a tiny castle, bit by tiny bit.
She built a tiny castle, then she shrunk herself to fit."

FUTURE FAIRY TALES is a collection of short stories and poems which take place in various futuristic worlds with echos of fairylore and myth. In HEXA, an expert technician, Willow Mathurs, grows concerned when her client's autohumanoid maid begins displaying alarming behaviors such as trying on dresses and feeding mice. In THE GIRL IN THE GAME, Camilla must figure out how to rescue her mother from inside a video game world with no clear rules. In THE DRAGONFLY PRINCE, a young prince builds cybernetic dragonflies to make contact with the world outside his forcefield-protected tower, despite his father's warnings. THE PEACOCK AND THE WOLF is an epic poem about Julienna, a conscripted cadet in a hopeless war, who catches a glimpse of something magical and works day in and day out to find it again. In THE FROZEN PLANET, Prince Amos spends his life seeking a non-existent galaxy from his crystal-clear dreams, following the voice of a princess frozen in time. In THE WOMAN IN THE WOODS, fourteen-year-old Hailey does her best to impress the elders of her post-apocalyptic settlement, until she finds a cabin in the woods where someone has been experimenting with the "evil" practice of chemistry and sciences. In EGGSHELLS, someone pays Jack in beans for his music, and he angrily dumps them down the subway grate, only to find a giant vine growing up the nearest skyscraper, where adventure waits. In NOVA AND THE SCRUFFIANS, a crew of alien scrappers finds a glass case with a young captain inside, who asks them to help her take back her fleet from government control. In DAUGHTERS OF MEMORY, a reporter receives a desperate secret message while visiting a Mermaid prison camp and must go in search of the one last, secluded mermaid who can free them all.