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Book and Lyrics by Laura Lancaster
Music by Micah Joel

DRELLA is a fairy-tale musical by Laura Lancaster (Book and Lyrics) and Micah Joel (Music). When Drella finds out that her father is still alive, she joins forces with a group of rogue gnomes to free him from the palace dungeon. But getting wrapped up in the gnome resistance turns out to be very dangerous business...

Workshopped at The Musical Theatre Factory as part of their 4x15 Series For New Musicals in April, 2015.

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Book and Lyrics by Laura Lancaster
Music by Josh Jung

INVISIBLE is a full-length musical by Laura Lancaster (Book and Lyrics) and Josh Jung (Music). Evan is an invisible boy who just wants to be a normal 13-year-old. One day, he runs away from home to find a doctor who he thinks can turn him visible. Having been kept inside his whole life by an over-protective father, he's determined to make friends on his journey, though he has no idea how. Meanwhile, his father is trying to find him, along with a few other people who have a use for an invisible boy...

Developed in the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program (GMTWP) at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and presented as an Equity reading in May 2012.  

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Ladies Who Launch

Book and Lyrics by Laura Lancaster
Music By Greta Gertler-Gold

LADIES WHO LAUNCH is a short musical comedy by Laura Lancaster (Book & Lyrics) and Greta Gertler-Gold (Music). Jesse, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, is thrilled to be the first pop star in outer space. That is, until she discovers mega super-star Orianna Flicke is on board the same shuttle. While the two ladies battle for vocal supremacy, the spaceship's super computer, GAIL, carries out some plans of her own...

Developed at Lehman Engel BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, June 2015. 


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Book by Laura Lancaster
Lyrics by Chandra McClelland
Music by Micah Joel
Treatment by Zayre Ferrer

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW is a one-act musical by Laura Lancaster (Book), Chandra McClelland (Lyrics), Micah Joel (Music), and Zayre Ferrer (Treatment). In this musical adaptation of Washington Irving's classic story, the quirky new school-teacher, Ichabod Crane, strives to win the affections of his crush Miss Katrina Van Tassel, daughter of the richest man in Sleepy Hollow. In order to win the fair lady's hand, he must beat his rival Brom Van Brunt in a battle of wits. But then Crane starts to lose his wits when he encounters a terrifying horseman who seems to be missing his head...



Book and Lyrics by Laura Lancaster
Music by Lisa Burns

MARIGOLDS is a short musical comedy by Laura Lancaster (Book and Lyrics) and Lisa Burns (Music). When nine-year-old Oscar's parents unfairly burden him with the task of choosing who to live with after their divorce, he cooks up a contest to determine who is the best parent. Mom and Dad battle it out, lying and cheating in order to win. But Oscar has a lie to own up to as well, and all three have a bit of growing to do...